briefing mission du 03-10-2018

Mince, j' me souviens plus de mon target ?!?! ...c'est les fûts de pétrol ou les fûts de bière ??
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Re: briefing mission du 03-10-2018

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For Group 2 of F-18, Mission OCA STRIKE on the base of BANDAR ABBAS Int to avoid any interception of Group 1 in charge of the destruction of the C-130.
Possibility of SCRAMBLE !!!
Ground defenses,only ZSU which does not mean easy !!!!
Normally for the STRIKE no problem but in point 4, advised to wait for the destruction of SAM after which, ensure coverage of group 1 on point 5.
If short fuel or too damaged, fallback base on KHASAB tcn 84X, radio 38.400Mhz

2x AIM 9M
2x AIM 120B
2x MK 84
3x 330Gall tank

Optional objective:
Destruction of a communication station.
Mission performed according to availability on the base of KHASAB.
Armament: Next availability on this same base.

Additional info:
Exact position of the C-130 not known but certainly on a parking lot.
The base is not big, you should easily spot a big gray spot on the ground.
Do a MAX damage if possible.