Choosing a mission 😋

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Choosing a mission 😋

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I created a mission for this Mercredi (Tomorrow, or today). But on the weekend I created another one so I actually have two. I posted both briefings in the briefing section, at least part of them. The missions are quite different. One contains air/air refueling and target is to bomb some hangars in a target airbase using GBU. and for A/A to protect the area. SEAD flights are required to destroy an enemy SA-11 before the bombing.

The second mission, the flight is a little longer and we fly very close to the ground ~500 ft AGL to avoid being shot down by an SA-10 in Damascus. and we fly towards the target and we basically hit and run. with possiblity to destroy some armored vehicles before leaving. Possible A/A along the way or on the way back.

I don't know which one to choose, so if you have a preference. I'll let you decide XD

Thank you. Otherwise we can do the first one I designed and then for the next time we do the second. But I have a slight preference for this second one XD.
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Re: Choosing a mission 😋

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le choix est fait ce sera cette mission

lisez le brief