Briefing bomb run on Syrian depot

Mince, j' me souviens plus de mon target ?!?! ...c'est les fûts de pétrol ou les fûts de bière ??
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Briefing bomb run on Syrian depot

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A Depot is serving as a small base of operations from which a group of radicals is planning attacks on a nearby US temporary base.

++ To damage the installations as much as possible and cripple the enemy.

++ Protect the ally US forces from attacks coming from the target area. We know that they have some heavy artillery that they plan to use to bomb our allies.

++ Destroy any attack helicopters that might be operating in the area as well.
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Mission starts at Ramat David. Take off and fly the mission towards the final target at WP4.
We should fly very low to the ground to avoid being shot down by an enemy SA-10 in the area of Damascus, we are also unaware of any enemy CAP flights in the area and thus flying low will make it more difficult for them to find us.
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Flights should be
- 2/3 x Strike planes that will bomb the target area.
If F/A-18C
- 6 x MK82-SnakeEye
- 2 x Fuel tanks

- 2/3 A/A to provide support and protection if we are detected by enemy air patrols.

- 1 x Strike package to try and neutralize the enemy artillery trying to destroy the US base.
- preferably using AGM65

Foggy in the airbase. QFE 30.24. Weather might clear and make it easier for us to land. But who knows 😋

More information to come