Briefing Al Quasyr Airbase bombing

Mince, j' me souviens plus de mon target ?!?! ...c'est les fûts de pétrol ou les fûts de bière ??
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Briefing Al Quasyr Airbase bombing

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After attacking the camp on the outskirts of Al Quasyr, the Syrian army has been mobilizing and the airforce as moved some of its Mig-21s to the Al Quasyr airbase.
Today the mission will consist in trying to destroy the hangars in which these MIGs are being hosted.
See Al Quasyr airbase below
Airbase.png (1.65 Mio) Consulté 442 fois
Before we can approach the base however, we need to neutralize the enemy air defenses. We know that they have deployed an SA-11 nearby. (See the image below)
GeneralArea.png (997.17 Kio) Consulté 442 fois
The SA-11 should be neutralized first before we can bomb the hangars.
There is a possibility that other SAM batteries are deployed in the area.

Air threats will be present in the area.

2 x F/A-18C Strike
- 2x GBU-31 3/B Bunker Busters

1 x F-16 A/A

1 x F/A-18C A/A

1x F/A-18C SEAD
1x F-16C SEAD

SEAD will first neutralize the SA-11 in the area and any other air to surface threats.
Strike package will release the GBUs on the target hangars

A/A package will provide support and suppress any aerial threats.

Expect MIG-21s from Al Quasyr after the bomb run

#1 N34-33-46.23
1729 ft

#2 N34-34-6.47
1729 ft

#3 N34-34-9.19
1729 ft

#4 N34-34-11.10
1729 ft

SA-11 around N34-37-37.46 E36-47-59.37 2169ft

Start at Ramat David. Refuel at WP1 with Texaco and Arco, frequencies and TACAN info at the end.
WP3 target.

Texaco - TACAN 2X - 252.000 MHz - FL200 - Basket
Arco - TACAN 1X - 251.000 MHz - FL190 - Boom
Ramat David - 118.700 MHz - TACAN 12X - RWY15

Foggy in Ramat Airbase

To land on Ramat David follow this procedure:
Tune into TACAN 12X. Set a course line at 143 degrees. RWY 15 + magnetic deviation.
Line up the course line and fly at 3000 ft at 10 nm from the start of the runway.
Fly a 3 degrees glidepath following the courseline until RWY is visible. Proceed to land visually.