Night Training Mission

Mince, j' me souviens plus de mon target ?!?! ...c'est les fûts de pétrol ou les fûts de bière ??
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Night Training Mission

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Simple training mission during the night.
To practice:
- CASE III Departure
- Flight in formation
- Air to Air refueling (Optional)
- CASE III recovery

The target area is the Island of Abu Musa where a series of enemy forces are located.
There are no enemy air forces, but some Shilkas and AAA guns are present.

WP 2 is located in the ground on a target area.
Targets can be
- Airfield parking where F-5s are parked
- Airfield parking with Helicopters
- Bunker (will be laser designated by JTAC at 133 MHz)
- Other forces that you can locate with Targeting POD

You are free to choose the armament you like. Mission objective is to Night training.
Optional refueling with Texaco at 252 MHz TACAN 2X, near WP 3 over Dubai

- Bearing 246 degrees
- 127.500 MHz
- ICLS Ch. 1
- Speed 27 kts

Departure Radial 356 degrees
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