Briefing du 2021-02-11

Mince, j' me souviens plus de mon target ?!?! ...c'est les fûts de pétrol ou les fûts de bière ??
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Briefing du 2021-02-11

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Syrian forces are advancing towards Lebanon's capital Beirut and they are determined to occupy it.
They have started bombing the city with heavy artillery and are preparing for a full advance with armored vehicles and attack helicopters.

Shells are being fired from the mountain ridge that separates Beirut from the Bekaa Valley and we found the exact location of multiple Artillery vehicles.

Mission is to takeoff ASAP from Washington carrier and destroy the heavy artillery currently bombing the city, alongside any attack helicopters trying to destroy Lebanese defenses in the city.

We expect to encounter enemy bombers as well as fighters trying to intercept us.

Two SA-2 sites are located in the Bekaa Valley near the city of Bar Elias. We need to be careful not to enter its thread area until the sites are disabled.

We will send two packages
- Uzi (Strike package)
In charge of destroying the Artillery (WP3)

The armament will be: 2 AGM65E and 2 GBU-12

- Colt (A/A)
In charge of guaranteeing the safety of Uzi and destroy any enemy attack helicopters advancing into the city

- Ford (SEAD) AI
Will be in charge of supressing any enemy air defenses in the Bekaa Valley. (Two SA-2 sites)

Take off from Washington Carrier (TACAN 74X) and rendevouz with Ford at WP1.
Fly towards WP2 (Bullseye) where Ford will diverge to supress the two SA-2 sites.
WP3 is the location of the artillery
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Main frequencies have already been preset.
Radio 2
- Ch1 - 141.000 MHz
- Ch2 - 142.000 MHz
- Ch3 - 143.000 MHz
- Ch4 - 151.000 MHz (Texaco)
- Ch5 - 152.000 MHz
- Ch6 - 127.500 MHz (Washington)
Radio 1
- Ch1 - 305.000 MHz (AWACS)